Brandon Owen Johnson was born on September 7, 1984 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but has lived in Richmond, Virginia for most of his life. He grew up listening to music of many styles and was later drawn to Hip Hop/Rap/R&B more than any other genre. Influenced by everyone he heard, and not any one person, he began playing around with song-writing and rapping at an early age in middle school.

A few years later in January of 2002, he decided to get more serious and try to record his own tracks. When choosing a rap name, using one word that sums up his entire drive and work ethic, he dubbed himself, “Fokissed”. At first, he started out recording amateur tracks on well-known beats. While still an amateur, he and others realized that he had a talent for making and performing music. Fokissed continued to record songs, gradually increasing in skill and originality.

Not content with doing anything less than perfect, he enrolled in a class at a local recording studio to learn every possible aspect he could to make better recordings. Ever since, he has been studying every aspect of the entertainment business that he can get his hands on, including copyright laws, mixing, mastering, recording techniques, and is still in the recording engineer program at the local studio. He knows knowledge is power, demonstrated by his 4.3 high school GPA, and wants to gain every advantage over the next person that he possibly can.

In early 2002, FOKISSED.com was launched and has built a large internet following through the dedicated and persistent promotion and marketing tactics of himself and his management team. Fokissed’s web pages now receives over 150,000 combined visitors, and 300,000+ page views every month. As a result of his large internet following and exposure, Fokissed has received many offers from management companies, publishers, and both small and major record labels here in the US and overseas. He has performed live at many venues along the east coast opening for big names including Mr. Cheeks, Rocafella’s Peedicrakk and State Property, Bad Boy’s Choppa, and more.

Since, he has been getting rotation on radio stations across the country, including a “Battle of the Beats” win over Mobb Deep on a major radio station and multiple call-in voting wins over 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Ciara in Hawaii. He has also made the Top 10 Countdown on many of these stations as well. Fokissed is now busy doing shows and has many major things in the works at this time that will further his career.

In mid-2004, Fokissed placed in the top ten of a national hip hop contest sponsored by Toyota, the “Scion: Next Up” contest. Fokissed was chosen as a top ten finalist by three celebrity judges including Rocafella’s Just Blaze, Brian Leach, and Eric Cubiche. He went on to finish in second place in the national contest overall.

Fokissed is more determined and is willing to work harder than anyone else in the business, without question. Everything he does he excels in and accepts nothing less than perfection. Fokissed loves nothing more than winning and hates nothing worse than losing, but is always willing to keep his head up and keep working to be the best.

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