New Song! Fokissed ft. Blurry – “Take You There”

New Song! Fokissed ft. Blurry – “Take You There”

by Fokissed on September 11, 2010

Fokissed ft. Blurry – Take You There on MySpace

It’s been a long time, but I finally came through, and here’s the first new song in… I don’t know how long. I’ve been sitting on a few new ones, which will be coming soon, but this one is hot off the press as of last night, with some final tweaks this morning.

The beat came from none other than my old partner in crime, Dee (of So Flawless), who’s responsible for the beat behind “You Must Be Mistaken”.

I figured it would be fitting to come back with the same great producer I started with.

I loved this beat as soon as I heard it, because it had a really unique feel, so unique, in fact, I had to experiment with a few different vibes for the track.

It’s kind of dark and gloomy, but also kicks up and has a club vibe to it too. The first version of this song was too high energy, so we took it down a notch.

The other challenge was finding and choosing the right flow. With a fast beat like this (115bpm), there’s a ton of options. You can flow really fast, super slow, or somewhere it between.

I actually recorded two versions, one really fast and one really slow, so I could get feedback on both, and I ended up with a morphed version of the two, which changes from verse to verse and even within each one.

There probably aren’t as many people around here as there use to be, since it’s been so long since my last release, but once we get our audience built back up, then I’ll be pitching those kind of behind-the-scenes decisions to you all too, so we can work together.

I’ve already got 4 or 5 other songs lined up, so I’ll be posting one every Saturday, and I’ll be recording more in the meantime to try and stay ahead of the curve, so we can keep the new weekly song going.

Thank you to everyone who’s been contacting me over the last couple of years asking when and if there is new music coming, and my apologies for it taking sooo long!

Without further ado, you can check out the new track on MySpace and SoundClick now, and you can have the free download link emailed to you by just entering your information below. Don’t worry, there’s no spam or anything like that, just free music and news, plus I’ll be asking a lot of the behind the scenes questions there too:

“Take You There” Lyrics

VERSE 1 (by Fokissed)

I’ma take you there, take you where?
I’ma take you there and then,
Yeah I’ma take you there again.
Uh uh uh uh I don’t mean to be rude but you (you)
Gotta come down to go back up through
the levels and the heights that I took you to (to)
Baby anything that it takes I’ll do
Yes with you I’m quite impressed
And I guess the fact that you’re quite undressed
Coupled with the puddle at the bottom of your breast
Says that I’m already quite the best (yes!)
It’s just part of my heritage
Baby maybe you could spare a kiss (just one)
I don’t care wh-wh-where it is (ohh)
Up yes I do and there it is

Pullin you by your hair again
up up up in the air again
up i don’t mean to be arrogant
but i can take you there again

HOOK x2 (by Blurry)

I can (Fokissed: I can I can I can)
I can take you there again (Fokissed: I’ll take you there again)
You just tell me where and when (Fokissed: Just tell me where and when)
I wanna take you there again (Fokissed: I’ll take you there again)
I can take you there

VERSE 2 (by Fokissed)

Yeah, you know where my spot is (yeah) we intertwine our bodies (yeah)
Everybody’s wishin they could know what close to god is (good)
Lordy forty minutes later inside of her eyelids (uh)
Is all I could see but shorty swore she wasn’t tired (nope)
If you use and blow a fuse then I can help you light it (yeah)
I refuse to lose the ending ima help you write it

Pullin you by your hair again
up up up in the air again
up i don’t mean to be arrogant
but i can take you there again


VERSE 3 (by Fokissed)

Whether it be better than diamonds it’s timeless
Eternity we return to the highness just like this (yes)
Girl you oughta ride this right up into the highest (what)
Mountain in the town and then con- tinue to divineness
Love is just the blindest don’t know how to define this
Maybe I was made to ring your bell just like a chime is (like this) (ding dong!)

Pullin you by your hair again
up up up in the air again
up i don’t mean to be arrogant
but i can take you there again


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Fokissed September 11, 2010 at 1:56 pm

@Trey Bookz: Fokissed and Blurry, the new Bonnie and Clyde, haha, thanks!

@Lyle: Thanks man, and yes, I’ve got a lineup of songs already completed, plus I’ll be working on new stuff in the meantime.

southerncash September 11, 2010 at 10:38 pm

yo brandon man. we need the forums back. we need to get it up and running again. hit me up sometime i have a bv license. oh and if u dont remember i was one of the admins you had back in the day on the forums.

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