New Song! Fokissed – “When I Wake Up”

New Song! Fokissed – “When I Wake Up”

by Fokissed on October 16, 2010

I almost went to a backup track this week, because I wasn’t quite done with this song, but I came through at the last minute, and this thing is hot off the presses, as of about 30 minutes ago!

I love this beat, and it reminded me of a few different tracks like 50’s “Window Shoppa”, Ahmad’s “Back In The Day”, and something else I can’t quite put my finger on…

I had fun with this one lyrically, and Dee from “So Flawless” tells me he’s got a hot party beat coming up next, so I’m looking forward to that one.

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I’ve still got another few songs lined up, and I’ll be posting one every Saturday, so we can keep the new weekly song going.

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Fokissed – When I Wake Up (Lyrics)


When I wake up in the morning
What do i do i tie my two shoes and go back to school
That’s why my dreaming is important
It’s my release at peace I’m a beast and I’m off my leash


Inevitably and in an effort to see
Why it’s so easy to live effortlessly
Without gravity I gotta come back to reality
The pounding sound of the ground is grabbing me
Can’t wait to get back to where I live happily
Ever after at least til the rapture
Beams and brings me back up to the rafters
To watch the rat race until I’m bent over backwards
Crick crack and my back hurts (bastards)
Another one escapes so we throw on our black shirts
Pretending we don’t envy ’em when we hit the bad spurts
Lookin for the passwords to pass all the pastors
Directly to the clouds where there is no forecasters
Where weather just depends on whatever you ask for
Sun rays or rain drops some days the pain stops
Every other day I can’t wait til my brain flops



I know when I wake up I won’t have all of this
The cristal and cris I missed all of this
And I don’t even drink but crystal and miss
America Erica I think it was her name-o
There is a pair of da finest little things yo
Layin on my bed and I know it’s just the fame so
Ur in or ur out there’s urine in her mouth
Hurling their skirts out swerving that hurts ow
Kinky little things on my pinky little rings
And i told em not to stop until my slinky diddle sings
Beep beep the alarm thinks I’ve had enough sleep
Interupting me I’m up reluctantly
Cuz I wanna keep dreamin let it keep easin
When I wake up everyone will be leaving
Back to the grind and the 5 from 9
But in my dreams I’m the king and the world is mine



I’m lookin for a new home to buy maybe Dubai
No I’m speaking in continents (ooh)
Yo Speaking of incontinence (ewww)
Holy ish baby the way that we stay dropping hits
I could buy an island
Name it and claim the sky when
Everyones arriving they each receive a diamond
Its sizin could make a giant look like a heisman
You buy timeshare and I buy time square
I need new shoes I buy a hundred and five pair
I never die there unless it’s a nightmare
And even then if I don’t like it I can just fly where
Nobody can find me don’t go inside there
My mind can unwind and reflect over wine there
There is no time there no seconds are ticking
Until the tick tick tick beep beep intermission
The clock’s abortin the mission


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