New Song! J. Stills, Motion, Fokissed – “Thongs & Ridaz”

New Song! J. Stills, Motion, Fokissed – “Thongs & Ridaz”

by Fokissed on September 18, 2010

J. Stills, Motion, Fokissed – Thongs & Ridaz on MySpace

Whenever J. Stills contacts me and says he’s got a new track for me to jump on, I already know it’s going to be hot before I even hear it.

He’s a genius with hooks, concepts, vibes, you name it…

This one turned out to be a cool mix of 3 completely different styles and flows, and I come in on the third verse around the 2-minute mark.

I’ve still got another few songs lined up, so I’ll be posting one every Saturday, and I’m finishing two more in the meantime to try and stay ahead of the curve, so we can keep the new weekly song going.

You can check out the new track on MySpace and SoundClick now, and you can have the free download link emailed to you by just entering your information below. Don’t worry, there’s no spam or anything like that, just free music and news, plus I’ll be asking a lot of the behind the scenes questions there too:

“Thongs & Ridaz” Lyrics

VERSE 3 (by Fokissed)

So I go low riding and what is Fo finding?
Another young thing with her thong just hiding,
And though it’s just visible it’s really just the principle,
Like it’s yelling at me I really wanna get physical!
Far from subliminal her thong is a criminal,
Heard it tell her jeans yo’ I’m gonna get rid of y’all!
Pants so low I feel like I’m at the funeral,
I’ll fly the flag and flush em and it’s what you would call,
Best plumber crack of the summer cuz my piping,
Is leaking at the tip and could use a little tightening,
Do the thunder clap and zap I got the lightening!
Can’t stop lookin like a full moon night and,
Woah stop starin I think yep she caught us!
Just play it cool and she won’t call the officers,
Yo’ fo what you lookin at my ass fo?
Yes I do know my jeans real real low,
Oh for real cuz I ain’t even notice em,
The pics on my phone um I don’t know who posted em,
The nerve of that perv if I see I’ll let you know though,
Then she moved away booty movin like a yo yo,
Yo yo show show me the coin slot,
Check the cheeks and show me where they join stop!
That’s hot and we really no liars,
Ain’t nutin like a thong and low ridahs!

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