New Song! Killzfast ft. Fokissed – “So Real”

New Song! Killzfast ft. Fokissed – “So Real”

by Fokissed on October 23, 2010

I used to get a lot of collab requests, but I was so busy with my own stuff, it was tough to keep up, and I rarely got a chance to connect with many other independent artists.

I’m trying to change that now, and I’m glad to work with as many people as I can. Anyone interested in collaborating, if you can just send over a song that’s already got the other verses and hooks in place, I’ll be glad to fill in the open verse and send it back.

Killzfast did just that a few days ago, even making his own beat, and here’s the finished product.

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I’ve still got another few songs lined up, and I’ll be posting one every Saturday, so we can keep the new weekly song going.

As always, you can have the free download link emailed to you by just entering your information below. Don’t worry, there’s no spam or anything like that, just free music and news, plus I’ll be asking a lot of the behind the scenes questions there too:

Killzfast ft. Fokissed – So Real (Lyrics)

VERSE 2 – Fokissed

Imagine an imaginary canary that’s very merry
Where he barely ever leaves an area filled with fairies
Sugar plums gum drops super fun the suns hot
Something comes the funs stops giggles turn to gunshots
Now they’re crashing down to the ground the clouds surround
The sudden sound of thunder and buzzards buzzing around
This is real life where’s it’s rarely real nice
And nobody really cares if you’re scared of real fights
With tests and pop quizzes your testes will pop quickest
If you ain’t got the balls to stomach it stop listening

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Stacey Hannon October 23, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Very intelligent & oh so real. I am impressed, so I will refrain from breaking your balls, for the moment!!!

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