New Song! Realiize, Fokissed – “Gettin’ It”

New Song! Realiize, Fokissed – “Gettin’ It”

by Fokissed on October 2, 2010

Realiize, Fokissed – “Gettin’ It” on MySpace

One of my best friends came over to record this track at my home studio, and I loved everything about it: the hook, the beat, the flow, and all.

I had to jump in on it, so I took the 3rd verse, and he is on the first two.

I’ve still got another few songs lined up, so I’ll be posting one every Saturday, and I’m finishing two more in the meantime to try and stay ahead of the curve, so we can keep the new weekly song going.

You can check out the new track on MySpace and SoundClick now, and you can have the free download link emailed to you by just entering your information below. Don’t worry, there’s no spam or anything like that, just free music and news, plus I’ll be asking a lot of the behind the scenes questions there too:

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