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Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is Fo!

January 13, 2009

The website is officially back online, though I lost a few of the posts in the process. There’s been a few changes around here, and I’ll be filling you in over the coming weeks. Due to the new layout and design, the video over there >>>> doesn’t make much sense anymore, so that will be […]

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New Song – “Got MILF?” ft. J. Stills and Camario

February 2, 2008

There aren’t enough songs out there dedicated to the beautiful mothers of the world (at least not like this!). You find an empty niche, and you fill it (that’s what she said…). J. Stills always come with the hot hooks and crazy concepts, as you’ve heard on our other collaborations, and this one is no […]

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January 21, 2008

Ok, most everything is switched over and uploaded, so the site should be functioning at near 100% now. There may still be a few bugs/typos here and there, so if you find any, please let me know on the contact page. There’s new music coming soon, including a banger with J. Stills. You may remember […]

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Fokissed Commercial (behind the scenes video footage)

January 19, 2008

This isn’t exactly music related (although, it may have been funny to bust out into a love song for one of the messages, haha), but I’m taking a little improv class for fun, and one of our assignments was to recreate our favorite commercial (luckily, audio/video quality wasn’t a factor!). This was voted “Best in […]

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It’s a celebration snitches…

January 19, 2008

Happy New Year! To celebrate, I’m giving away the top 10 most requested/played songs of 2007. To download any or all of them, just right click on the name of the song, and choose “Save target as…” for each one. If you have trouble with any of the links, just let me know by using […]

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January 17, 2008

If you’re reading this, it’s probably obvious is undergoing a bit of a makeover. Everything should be complete and switched over by this weekend (January 19-20, 2008). There’s new music coming soon too! In the meantime, head on over to my MySpace page for a few updates, including FREE downloads for 2007’s most requested/played […]

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